Welcoming Cronos Chain

  1. Support for all Cronos tokens and NFTs
  2. All core WalletNow features (telegram bot, active monitoring, time machine, multiple wallets, excel export, custom vaults, etc)
  3. Liquidity aggregation for top 8 Cronos distributed exchanges on WalletNow Swap, bringing our total number of supported DEX to 51!
  4. Token price charts 📈
  5. Integration with two protocols: AutoFarm and Beefy (more coming soon)

What is WalletNow?

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution for all types of investors. To get started, just paste a wallet address on walletnow.net to see aggregated information about your wallet holdings, DeFi investments and NFTs from multiple chains.

Main account screen
LP Details



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