Treasure Hunt Airdrop — 06/13/21

What is a “Treasure Hunt” airdrop?

It is very simple: We will ask questions about WalletNow, and the first to send the correct answer gets a prize, in the form of a $WNOW airdrop.

What is the prize?

The first eligible participant to respond a question correctly will receive $50 worth of $WNOW tokens.

Don't Airdrops make the price of the token go down?

Not ours! All $WNOW tokens airdropped will be purchased directly on PancakeSwap instead of taken from the marketing or operations pool.

What are the rules?

To participate, you just need to:

  1. Join our Telegram group @WalletNow and the announcements channel @WalletNow_Announce
  2. Link your account to our telegram bot:


The hunt will happen on our Telegram group: @WalletNow



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