Our first utility NFT — ChainWatcher

ChainWatcher NFT
  • Important notifications: This Diamond-tier feature allows you to receive other important notifications on Telegram, from different protocols. This includes notifications about new offers to your Oblivion NFT listings!

Giveaways — perpetual utility

Now the best part… We will select 11 random mints from the first week for an extra prize:

  • Ten minters will also receive two months of WalletNow Diamond membership 💎 ! After that period, they will be converted into a perpetual 🥈 Silver membership 😎


The minting price will be the following:

  • The next 50 mints will cost 0.18 BNB
  • All further mints will cost 0.25 BNB
  • 50% to the Oblivion NFT Marketplace Team for developing the NFT

What is WalletNow?

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution for all types of investors. To get started, just paste a wallet address on walletnow.net to see aggregated information about your wallet holdings, DeFi investments and NFTs from multiple chains.

Main account screen
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