Introducing WalletNow Charts

WalletNow Charts
Selecting the liquidity source
Selecting the reference currency

Accessing from the WalletNow Interface

You can access WalletNow Charts by clicking on the "Candle Sticks" icon (in the top-right corner, or inside the menu for small screens):

Charts in the menu
Token information dialog

Background indexing

At the moment, WalletNow Charts works by indexing the blockchain data in a "lazy" manner. This means that the first time a token chart is accessed, you may see an indexing status like this:

Sample background indexing

About WalletNow

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution for all types of investors. To get started, just paste a wallet address on to see aggregated information about your wallet holdings, DeFi investments and NFTs from multiple chains.

Charting APIs

Are you a project owner and would like to include charting capabilities into your website? Let's have a chat about it:



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