Introducing the Diamond Membership tier 💎

What are the requirements to become a Diamond member?

Every $1 USD worth of $WNOW allows monitoring up to $100 of investments portfolio, and there is a minimum requirement of $100 worth of $WNOW to active this tier.

Why did you create a new tier?

Some features require more infrastructure investment than others, so to be able to offer more advanced features we introduced this new premium tier to offset the infrastructure costs, while keep the existing tiers available for those who don't need it.

What features are included?

We are launching two new features today, which are included in the Diamond tier:

List all NFTs
Built-in NFTs viewer

About WalletNow

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution. It aggregates all your DeFi & CeFi investments in a searchable table and actively monitors it with an integrated Telegram Bot. With detailed LP information, impermanent loss and yields calculation, you are always in control of your wallet.



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