How to buy $WNOW
3 min readSep 14, 2021


$WNOW is our utility token, and it is currently listed on:

Binance Smart Chain (BSC):

Fantom Opera (FTM):

Just click in one of the links above to buy directly from the distributed exchanges.

If you want to buy on PancakeSwap, and you are not familiar on how to buy custom tokens, this guide was written for you!

First, some overall information about our token:

1. Adding $WNOW to your list on PancakeSwap

To buy, you must fist add $WNOW on PancakeSwap.

Click on “Select a currency”

Then on Manage Tokens

Click on “Tokens”

Enter the $WNOW address: 0x56aa0237244c67b9a854b4efe8479cca0b105289 and click on “Import”

Click on “In understand” and then on “Import” again.

You now have $WNOW on your list of tokens.

2. Buying $WNOW

Now that you added $WNOW to your list, you can always buy or sell it here:

To do that, select WNOW on the list:

Let’s say you want to buy 1 BNB worth of WNOW:

Once you selected the amount, just click on Swap

And then on “Confirm Swap”:

After the transaction is confirmed, you should have $WNOW on your wallet. Congratulations!

3. Optional — Adding liquidity

If you want to benefit from our liquidity bonus and also earn excellent trading fees on our pair, you can also add liquidity.

Open the liquidity page: and click on Add Liquidity.

Select BNB and WNOW on the list. On WNOW, click “MAX” if you want to add them all, or type the amount you want.

Then click on Supply and Confirm Supply:

Once the transaction is processed, your will have LP tokens, which you can now stake to earn rewards as well if you want to! Check on our group the currently active staking pools.